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Ghana Government Recognitions

National Schools Inspectorate Authority (Ministry of Education)

CIS has registered with the Government of Ghana through National Schools Inspectorate Authority under Ministry of Education to provide both academic and professional training programmes to the general public. 

Other Affiliations

CIS has entered into affiliations with number of institutions including Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analyst, Ghana (CIFIAG), Institute of Certified Business Analysts and Consultants-Ghana, City University, Cambodia, etc.

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Prof. Michael Kwateng, PhD, DSc, F.CFIA


Education   in   the   21st   Century   is   taking   a   paradigm   shift  from traditional way of imparting knowledge and skill to students to more advance and technological methodology where new modules, methods and curriculum are designed to entice the average learner to appreciate and love to upgrade him/herself. As the world continues to advance in the direction of Information Communication Technology, we must also adhere to the same practice and make education a priority as a nation.


Quality education must be accessible, affordable and easy to acquire. This is the underlying principle of Center for International Studies (CIS). We strive to bring quality education to the doorstep of the average learner. This involves designing modern and advance systems, modules and curriculum that will suit the student’s intellectual capabilities, his environment, financial strength, etc. Every citizen has the right to education and must be educated to enhance their standard of living and contribute their quota towards socio-economic development of their nation.


We have designed a comprehensive platform to take care of all educational needs of the learner. We have engaged professionals and educational experts who have come on board with their rich expertise to raise the next generational leaders.   No one should be denied of education because of cost, distance, sex, religion, tribalism, nepotism or favoritism. At CIS we believe in quality education and that it should be accessible and affordable, and our vision aligns with United Nations Article 26 principle on education and sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4. We have come out with simple educational solution to make education very simple and affordable.


Let me seize this opportunity to welcome you to be part of this educational revolution.

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